Colonoscopy Specialists and Treatments for Other Colon and Rectal Issues

Colon and rectal issues can be embarrassing, but serious issues like pain or rectal bleeding need to be taken care of.  Our expert and caring staff will put you at ease.  St. Louis Colon Rectal Health Center specializes in all issues and diseases that affect the colon and rectum as well as colonoscopy procedures.

With colorectal cancer (colon cancer and rectal cancer) being the second leading cancer killer behind lung cancer in the United States, you can’t afford not to be screened. A big reason for these deaths is from people not being screened for the disease. Many times there are no symptoms. However, if caught in the early stages, this cancer is curable.  That’s why having a colonoscopy is important. We offer colonoscopy procedures in our surgical office or a hospital setting.

It’s important that you be an informed patient. There are many colon and rectal diseases and conditions. On this website you will find information on specific colon and rectal issues.  Hemorrhoids are a huge problem for the majority of people. We specialize in hemorrhoid treatments. You can visit our hemorrhoid treatment website for detailed information about hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment options.

Other rectal issues that we treat are anal and genital warts. These warts are caused by the HPV virus. To find out more, please visit our HPV website to find out about genital and anal warts treatment options and more information about HPV.


Founder, Dr. Steve Abbadessa, is a board certified Proctologist and surgeon, specializing in treating diseases of the colon and rectum. During  his  twenty-plus years of treating patients he has seen medical costs escalate while wages have dwindled or people have lost their jobs entirely.  As a result, he  has adjusted the practice to meet the needs of patients.

Colon Rectal Health Center accepts most insurance plans and works with patients to develop a payment plan if needed.

It’s important that you be an informed patient. You’ll find information on this website as to why having a colonoscopy is so important, what factors are considered high risk, and other diseases of the colon and rectum addressed at the Colon and Rectal Health Center.

Don’t put off seeking medical treatment or screenings. It could cost you more than money; it could cost you your health. Please call us to set up a consultation. 314-966-7570

To your health and peace of mind,

Dr. Steve Abbadessa




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