What Does a Colonoscopy Cost and How We Keep Costs Down

A traditional colonoscopy performed in a hospital will cost between $2,500-$5,000. Many people are putting off having a colonoscopy because of the cost. If you are at high risk or are at the age of 50 and have not had a colonoscopy, you could be putting your health at risk.

At our office surgery center we are able to offer the same hospital-type setting and same safe colonoscopy procedure without the hospital overhead cost. Because our center specializes in diseases of the colon and rectum, we have performed thousands of colonoscopies.

Insurance deductibles range from $1,500-$5,000, and with a traditional colonoscopy performed in a hospital costing between $2,500-$5,000, that can mean the majority of this money will have to come out of your pocket.

At St. Louis Colon Rectal Health Center, the cost of a colonoscopy procedure in our office surgery center is $1150.00 with sedation. The reason for this huge difference in price compared to a hospital setting is because there is no facility fee.  The same safe procedure is performed with the same sedation and anesthesia. The only difference is the cost savings for our patients.

Colorectal cancer in its early stages has no symptoms. The symptoms of bleeding and abdominal pain appear when the disease has progressed to a later stage. That’s why having a colonoscopy is so important in catching the disease in the early stages.

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